MixWILD - Mixed models With Intensive Longitudinal Data

Mixed-WILD is a statistical software designed to perform multilevel modeling (with mixed effects) on longitudinal experience sampling data. Analysing intensive longitudinal data from EMA is a challenging task and the currently available desktop applications are often insufficient for this purpose. Using Mix-WILD, behavioral researchers with no background in programming (e.g., R) can perform complex modeling on personal health data.

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Manuscript Supplement

MixWild User Guide

Example Dataset MixWILD

SBM Attendees

Download slides for Part 1 here: Details and Application of EMA
Download slides for Part 2 here: Introduction to MixWILD
Download user guide here: User Guide for MixWILD
Download user guide data here: Example Dataset MixWILD

What is this project about?

MixWILD (Also Mixed model analysis with Intensive Longitudinal Data) is a desktop GUI based application to easily perform multilevel mixed model analysis of intensive longitudinal data.

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Running a .exe file

  1. Please go to downloads folder of the bitbucket and click on the latest version of MixWILD-X.0.exe
  2. Once downloaded, click “Open”, then hit “Run”
  3. For the first time users, it will install the application and then run

Important instructions

  1. If using a Windows PC, please ensure that your Java is up to date.
  2. When creating an issue related to the UI, we encourage you to include screenshots and log files.
  3. When including an issue related to NULL values in the def file, it will be best if you can share the .def file as well as include a screenshot of the model window.

Q and A

Project Information

Agency: National Institutes of Health (NIH)

Institute: National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (NHLBI)

Project: 5R01HL121330-05

Title: Novel Statistical Models for EMA Studies of Physical Activity

Principal Investigator(s): Hedeker, Donald; Dunton, Genevieve Fridlund

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